Thinking tank

What is Thinking tank?

Thinking Tank pulls fuel level of the vehicle and sends notifications to user of low fuel level, and then provides directions to the closest fuel station according to the current location. Historical data is planned to be used for big data analytics.


  • Capture dashboard readings via OBD-II port
  • Thinking Tank captures the fuel level and the odometer reading from the dashboard by interfacing with the OBD-II port of the vehicle at predefined intervals.

  • Sync data with the cloud server
  • IoT devices synchronize the captured data with the cloud server.

  • Display dashboard readings
  • The mobile application synchronizes and displays the dashboard readings from the cloud server.

  • Calculate fuel consumption
  • Thinking Tank calculates and shows accurate fuel consumption.

  • Calculate the distance which the vehicle could travel
  • Thinking Tank calculates the distance which the vehicle could travel with the current fuel level.

  • Check the sufficiency of fuel to reach the destination
  • Thinking Tank assess if the current fuel level is sufficient to reach the destination which the user has provided.

  • Display fuel stations within the range of reach
  • Thinking Tank maps gas stations along a long route when the user is en route to a destination.